Bring Back the Wild

Bring Back the Wild




  1. save our beautiful world…without it what are we?without it we are just a bunch of random things tearing down beautiful places killing cute animals for nothing save mother nature to save lives

  2. Earth Rangers, can I go to Headquarters and get a tour? I’v never been there and think it would be really cool to see what it looks like. Is it possible that I would be able to go. Is it open at certain times to the public, or can I get a tour? I’m really interested in actually going to Headquarters and seeing the main building. Meeting some of the adult Earth Rangers and possibly meeting some of the animal ambassadors.

    • Hi Earth Ranger! Thank you so much for your continued support and dedication to helping animals and their habitats. Unfortunately, at this time, our Headquarters isn’t open to the public for tours or visits. Our apologies! We love the enthusiasm though, so thank you for asking! 🙂

      -Ranger Liz

  3. What is life without animals? And nature at most turns? It’s tunnles of nothingness and full of electrons in which we are monsters who take away animals homes and shift their lives into sadness and fear so monsters I say become monsters wit hearts and bring back the wild as u open ur heartstrings

  4. More live in our world.. maybe u like to play on cumputers and electronics but for the health of u, and the health of our beautiful world save animals, or encourage others to, together the world can be saved if only the ppl who still have doubting hearts will come forward and help thy earth rangers for the sake of our beautiful world which is being held a victim, if we work together it shall live greater and purest


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