A Wetland Home for Some Frog Friends


Here at Earth Rangers we love all animals, from the cute fuzzy ones to the slithery, feathery and even spiky. Even though we ‘heart’ all animals, we have a special fondness for frogs, probably because a friendly frog is our mascot! He sits on the globe reminding everyone how important it is to protect biodiversity.

Oregon spotted frogs
Oregon spotted frogs

In Canada the most endangered frog is the Oregon spotted frog, whose range once extended throughout Southern British Columbia. Last year 5,000 Earth Rangers took action to help this endangered animal by starting Bring Back the Wild campaigns. Together, this frog saving team fundraised to help the Vancouver Aquarium build a breeding centre for the Oregon spotted frog and restore a wetland to give them a home to be released into. Eight thousand tadpoles were released into a wetland restored the previous year and a new wetland habitat restoration project was started. After a year, we are excited to report that this wetland restoration project has been completed! More plants have been put in, water levels are continuing to be monitored and adjusted to make sure the wetland stays Oregon spotted frog friendly and other wildlife, like birds, have been spotted using the habitat. Over the next few years the Vancouver Aquarium will keep checking on this new wetland. Once they are sure everything is perfect they’ll release new groups of Oregon spotted frogs into this new home that all you Earth Rangers helped build.

Oregon spotted frog wetland
Wetland home for the Oregon spotted frog

What does wetland restoration look like? Check out these photos to see a farmer’s field, that was drained years ago, be transformed back into its natural state, a beautiful wetland for tons of animals like frogs! What an awesome story of Earth Rangers across Canada coming to the rescue for biodiversity.

The photos on the left show what the field looked like last year, the images on the right show the field today as a restored wetland habitat. 

wetland restoration

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