Another successful Earth Month in the books!


Well Earth Rangers, Earth Month is officially over. We might be sad to see our favourite month come to an end, but we’re so happy to see that so many of you joined our team to help us stand up for the little guys! As Earth Ranger franklindeme said, “I love Earth Month! Saving animals is awesome! Yay!!”. But it wasn’t just Earth Ranger franklindeme who thought so. In fact, almost 800 of you answered our call and raised money for some of Canada’s cutest critters – and thanks to you, we’re donating $75,000 to 3 of our awesome conservation partners! Here’s a quick recap of the projects your donations are going towards:

Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC): Conserving important habitat at Mackenzie Ranch

A bison grazing on the delicious native grasses found on the Mackenzie Ranch – yum!

The Mackenzie Ranch property has been owned by the same family for almost 100 years, and NCC is working hard to keep it that way. Thanks to your donations they’ll be able to protect the land from development, making sure animals in trouble, like the Ord’s Kangaroo Rat and the Black-tailed Prairie Dog, have homes for years to come! Earth Ranger Kaelyn06 says, “I love saving and helping animals and the earth, I love how you thought of this idea to encourage kids to help and that they CAN make a difference”, and Earth Ranger kayleeereid says, “…this is an amazing way to help save animals!”. We couldn’t agree more, Earth Rangers!

South of the Divide Conservation Action Plan (SODCAP): Using goats to control the spread of invasive species

Earth Ranger SuperKarma says, “I think goats will help save the planet!”, and we couldn’t agree more! SODCAP is using goats to help get rid of the invasive leafy spurge plant that’s taking over important habitat in Saskatchewan, restoring lots of habitat for the endangered Loggerhead Shrike and the other important animals that call the prairies home.

Nature Saskatchewan: Protecting endangered Burrowing Owls and their homes

Photo credit: Nature Saskatchewan/Tammy Thomas

Burrowing Owls make their homes in the prairies, but sadly habitat loss and fragmentation has caused their populations to drop drastically. In fact, they’ve already disappeared from Manitoba and now less than 300 are thought to exist in Saskatchewan. Thankfully Nature Saskatchewan is working with landowners to make sure that owl nests are protected from disturbance, and since the project started they’ve already helped conserve almost 150,000 acres of important habitat! Earth Ranger UnicornElli says, “I am glad that so many people are helping the owls since their population is getting so small”. Us too, Earth Ranger!

Thank you to everyone who participated this Earth Month – you’re all amazing animal-saving heroes!


  1. Great work Earth Rangers and others who help!!!
    We made a difference in the world!!!
    Super helpful informations, Great now I can tell other on how well we did and how we should continue!!!
    Yay, great success!!!


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