Be a Ringed Seal Rescuer with our newest Bring Back the Wild project!

Now presenting this year’s newest Bring Back the Wild project animal: the adorable Ringed Seal!

The Ringed Seal makes its home way up in Canada’s frozen north, spending lots of time on the sea ice found throughout the Arctic. It hunts on the ice, sleeps on the ice, and even has its babies on the ice! In fact, sea ice is so important to the Ringed Seal that it’s even developed adaptations that help it survive – like the long sharp claws it uses to dig holes through ice up to 6 feet thick!

Unfortunately the amount of sea ice in the Arctic is decreasing, and this could mean big trouble for the Ringed Seal. That’s where you come in, Earth Ranger!

Together with The W. Garfield Weston Foundation and the University of Manitoba, we’re working on a project that will…

  • Identify the most important habitat characteristics (like the distance to shore, the amount of open water nearby, and the amount of food available) that the Ringed Seal needs to thrive
  • Learn more about how climate change might impact this important habitat

Start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today and help us as we work to protect the adorable Ringed Seal from the threat of climate change – together we know we can make a difference!

Proudly Supported By

W. Garfield Weston Foundation

In Collaboration With

University of Manitoba

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  1. KaileyE says:

    I didn’t know most of those facts


    pricejl59 Reply:

    Me ether


  2. sophapants says:

    i’m totally protecting those seals!


    pricejl59 Reply:

    So am i


  3. JaymeSnowflake1 says:

    I just did a campaign for thoese little cuties.


    naturelover3 Reply:

    Me too, I hope Earth Rangers can learn enough about their habitat and the impact of climate change to help the seals!


  4. Belles8 says:

    That is cool!


  5. 89901pac says:

    My current campaign is for the ringed seals. I am trying to get some of the pins.


  6. 89901pac says:

    I just finished my campaign for them!


  7. kasey2000 says:

    Im trying to earn donations but, I havent got $1 yet. I have 92 days so Im going to keep trying!!!!


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