Chasing a Trace: The Quest to Study Wolverines in the West!


Hey Earth Rangers! Since the last time we checked in, our wolverine researcher friend Mirjam Barrueto has been hard at work. She’s travelled high and low across the Rocky Mountains on the hunt for one of the most elusive mammals in Canada. From skiing out of a helicopter to setting up super cool camera traps, Mirjam has done it all!

Wolverine researcher Mirjam makes her way up a mountain hoping to spot a wolverine!

So far Mirjam has collected almost 200,000 photos from her camera traps. She’s also collected hundreds of hair samples from the wolverines passing through the traps, and she’ll use these for DNA testing to determine things like whether the wolverines are male or female, and whether the wolverines that pass by are actually different individuals since most of them look so similar!

A curious wolverine spots a camera trap!

Mirjam has done tons of incredible work, and we’re not the only ones that think her research is pretty awesome. In fact, Mirjam and her research were recently featured in a documentary called “Chasing a Trace” – it even aired at the Banff Film Festival! Filmmaker Leanne Allison set out to learn more about how wolverines are affected by human activities, and who better to learn with than Mirjam?! You can check out a preview of this awesome documentary below!

Thanks to donations from Earth Rangers like you, Mirjam’s important research will continue. By learning more about how wolverines are affected by human activities we can make better decisions about how to protect their homes, making sure they have the quality habitat they need to survive for years to come!

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