Help Beluga Whales this Earth Month!

Each Earth Month, we give Earth Rangers like you the chance to help some extra special animals in need. Last year, you helped protect marine animals like killer whales and sea otters, and thanks to your hard work, new marine protected areas are being created off the coast of British Columbia – give yourselves a big round of applause!

This year, we’re staying underwater but we’re heading to the other side of the country where we’re working with GREMM and Ocean Wise to help belugas in the St. Lawrence River!

Beluga whales need your help!

Beluga populations in the St. Lawrence are shrinking and scientists are concerned about the impact that noise from shipping traffic and other human activities could be having on them. When there’s lots of boat activity in one area, for example, it can get really loud underwater and it becomes hard for animals (like belugas) that communicate using sound to talk to each other. This can mean big problems for all belugas, especially mothers and their babies who might have trouble communicating with each other.

To test this theory, scientists are studying belugas in the St. Lawrence estuary (the area where the fresh water from the St. Lawrence River meets the salty water from the Atlantic Ocean). Using special underwater microphones and small drones to watch them from the air, these scientists are recording different pods of belugas and trying to figure out whether the belugas use different sounds or act differently when there’s lots of boat activity nearby.

beluga whales Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

The results of this research will be used to influence rules around shipping traffic in beluga habitats across Canada.

This Earth Month, when you fundraise for your Bring Back the Wild animal, you’ll also be helping protect endangered St. Lawrence beluga whales!

For every dollar you raise during the month of April, a donation* will also be made to help fund scientists from GREMM and Ocean Wise as they do this important beluga research.

You’ll earn some awesome rewards by helping belugas!

Not only will you earn Bring Back the Wild Rewards, you’ll also get these bonus Earth Month Rewards!

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*Funds must be raised between April 1, 2018 and June 14, 2018 to be eligible for the bonus rewards. A maximum of $25,000 will be donated to beluga whale research.

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  1. coco1001 says:

    once i went to marine land and I found out that they keep all the whales in captivity


    pandaabc2000 Reply:

    My friend did a speech on animal cruelty and marine land is one of the worst places when it comes to properly taking care of their animals! That is very cool that you got o see a beluga! 🙂 I hope marine land learns how to properly care for the animals soon!


    Emmapaul Reply:

    that is true!!!


  2. Tigerguy647 says:



  3. ATouchet says:



  4. Jd2007 says:

    That looks really cool


  5. pandaabc2000 says:

    How do you get the printable poster for the stickers?


  6. pandaabc2000 says:

    My stickers just ccame in the mail.


  7. EcoWildSaver says:

    Amazing job so far.


  8. EmmaPanthera says:

    great job!


  9. vgvg says:

    I want to help and i will


  10. LilyClair says:

    i did it


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