It’s a #FrozenFundraising Extravaganza!

Ranger Liz here with #FrozenFundraising ideas from amazing members like you! – Yikes – It’s getting chilly out there, but … I want to continue fundraising this winter, so how can I?


We all know winter can be cold, and sometimes the chilly temperatures feel like they freeze our fundraising efforts – but that doesn’t have to stop you! I asked members (just like you!) to share their #FrozenFundraising tips & tricks, and we’ve collected the best responses below!

EmmaPanthera, Altheranger, and TheJuvenileEnvironmentalist (and many more of you!) suggest shovelling snow to collect funds for your campaign. Runningfox says; “I shovelled people’s driveways, it’s hard work but it paid off!”. 


CrystalColors & Drizzyjenna9 suggested a Hot Chocolate Stand! In the summer lemonade stands work really well so why not try something a little warmer and serve hot cocoa! 


Ranger Msba suggested something super cool (and cozy because you can complete this indoors!). Msba shared their story, saying “I made different crafts and sold them by distributing flyers to my neighbours!” – great spin on the Arts & Crafts Sale


CEJCraig reminds us that sometimes #FrozenFundraising can be as simple as completing Handy Helper, and helping your family with chores around the house – great idea! 


charlie2006happy suggests Snow Cones! Yum!


naturelover3 shares their super cool #FrozenFundraising story: “With my friend, who is also an Earth Ranger, we had a Family Games Night and we invited families from our neighbourhood to come, donate to our campaigns and have fun!”


Featuring Earth Ranger Brodie

The month was January and the temperature was chilly, but the winter weather was no match for Earth Ranger Brodie. With a stack of delicious cookies and a jug of hot cocoa by her side, Brodie set up shop and waited patiently. She filled many a tummy with her homemade treats, and in return her customers filled her donation box to the brim!


Amazing job, Ranger Brodie, thank you for sharing your #FrozenFundraising story, and inspiring us all!


Thank you all for inspiring others to brave the cold this winter!



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  1. 091204 says:

    I live somewhere cold and I’m going outside


  2. PrincessMoo2 says:

    I do not like the cold


  3. bilas says:

    those are some cool ideas for frozen fundraising


  4. Crisa says:

    I know some Christmas songs you could sing !
    It’s Christmas Eve soon

    It’s very cold outside
    Yeah. I wish I could do that too


  5. LOGANWA says:

    Maybe for Christmas I will ask for money to donate to earth rangers


    sunshinej Reply:

    Great idea I’m doing that


  6. cheyennet17 says:

    christmas is the happiest time of the year


  7. AbboTheEggo says:

    The blue text is nice and it adds to the effect.


  8. LucLovesPups says:

    it is like -38C outside so please donate


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