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Wolverines make their homes in cool climates, where they rely on the snow for building their dens, storing their food, and hunting for their prey. They have a huge home range (sometimes over 500 km2!) that they live on alone, defending it from other wolverines that enter their territory. Since their territories don’t overlap, this means we need big areas of quality habitat available to make sure there’s space for lots of wolverines to live, hunt, and have babies. Unfortunately wolverines also don’t like sharing their territory with humans and will sometimes even abandon their dens if they’re disturbed, so finding these undisturbed habitat patches isn’t always easy. Since they only have 2-3 babies a year, even small changes on wolverine populations can have a really big impact.

That’s why, together with Teck and the University of Calgary, Earth Rangers is working hard on a project that will help us learn more about the habitat needs of Canada’s western wolverine population. The more we can learn about how human activities affect habitat quality and wolverine populations the better we can be at protecting their homes, making sure this species at risk has a safe place to call home for years to come. Using cameras (and other super cool tools!), our partners will try to get a better idea of how many wolverines are living in the wild, which will help them figure out how human activities (like skiing, tourism, and forestry) can affect habitat quality and wolverine populations.

Start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today and help us protect this important species – it’s at risk and it needs our help!

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