Will you join our team of Salmon Savers?


Are you ready to join our team and help us bring the Sockeye Salmon back to British Columbia’s Coquitlam River? You can help with our newest Bring Back the Wild project!

Sockeye salmon used to fill British Columbia’s Coquitlam River, migrating from the Pacific Ocean back into Coquitlam to lay their eggs. The ecosystem relied on this salmon run to bring in nutrients, and the local Kwikwetlem First Nation community relied on the salmon to support them socially, culturally, and economically. Unfortunately the construction of BC’s first hydroelectric dam over 100 years ago prevented the salmon from spawning, and their populations plummeted from millions to less than 100.

That’s where you come in, Earth Ranger!

Together with Lehigh Hanson, Kwikwetlem First Nation, and Watershed Watch, we’re working on a project that hopes to restore Coquitlam River’s salmon population by…

  • Collecting salmon eggs and hatching them nearby, allowing new salmon to be born without having to pass the dam
  • Seeing how well the spawned salmon can make it back to the ocean

Start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today and help us bring back the Sockeye Salmon! Together we know we can make a difference!

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