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Be a Ringed Seal Rescuer with our newest Bring Back the Wild project!

Now presenting this year’s newest Bring Back the Wild project animal: the adorable Ringed Seal! The Ringed Seal makes its home way up in Canada’s frozen north, spending lots of time on the sea ice found throughout the Arctic. It […]

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White Sturgeon Animal Adoptions – That’s a Wrap!

Hey Earth Rangers, thanks for checking in on this important project! Wow - there's a lot to say about the amazing white sturgeon in the Kootenay Lake and River,

Project Update: Harriet the Hare is back!

Greetings Earth Rangers! Harriet the Hare hopping on in to say hello! As the temperature starts to drop and winter gets closer and closer, I thought I’d check in

It’s a #FrozenFundraising Extravaganza!

Ranger Liz here with #FrozenFundraising ideas from amazing members like you! - Yikes

Gray Fox Project Update: That’s a Wrap!

Garlic mustard might sound tasty, and it is, but it’s also an alien invader that the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is battling on Pelee Island. Home to the

Salamander Project Update: That’s a Wrap!

In December 2017, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) protected 274 acres (111 hectares) on Covey Hill thanks in part to Earth Rangers’ support. Covey Hill is the

#lovetheplov with your Bring Back the Wild project!

Introducing the Piping Plover: the cutest bird you’ve probably never heard of! These tiny shorebirds make their homes on rocky beaches across North America, nesting in sandy dunes

Become a Monarch Master & Protect Pollinators!

They may be tiny, but did you know these fantastic fliers have one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom? Monarch Butterflies travel nearly 4,000 km each year

It’s finally here! Announcing the Adopt-a-Dinosaur Promotion!

Where did all my friends go?

The White Sturgeon has been around for millions of years, making its home in British Columbia's Kootenay River since the time of the dinosaurs. It roamed far and