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Super Ranger Libby the Recycling Extraordinaire!

Super Ranger Libby wants YOU to help change the world!

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Super Ranger Menka: The Mindful #Environmentalist!

Hey Earth Rangers, get ready to be amazed! We’re here to tell you all about one of our most influential and inspiring Earth Rangers to date: Super Ranger

Super Ranger Logan Parachutes In!

Hi there Earth Rangers! We’ve got another AMAZING success story for you! Meet Ranger Logan, who is on a mission to help save animals and our

Super Ranger Joel is creating quite a buzz!

Joel, a member of Earth Rangers, is dedicated to making a different – especially when it comes to protecting Bees and Other Pollinators! Ranger Joel has

Super Ranger James is electrically plugged in!

Ranger James attended the Electric Vehicle Conference in Toronto a few months ago to share his two passions: electric vehicles and being an Earth Ranger! When James was 7

Super Ranger Sara is un-BEE-lievable!

“My name is Sara, I'm 8 years old. A few weeks ago I heard about Earth Rangers on TV. I have a passion for animals so I asked

Brady and Jacob are on a Mission!

Earth Rangers brothers Brady and Jacob have worked together to complete 11 Missions and Bring Back the Wild campaigns! Brady, age 5, and Jacob (almost 8 years old!) make

A Love of Animals Runs Deep with Super Ranger Varielle

Ranger Varielle has always loved animals, and has worked really hard to help protect them and their environment! She makes sure to take part in eco-friendly activities on

Ranger Isabella’s Art Market

Meet Isabella! She wrote to us about her awesomely creative fundraising experience to help protect the Peregrine Falcons after seeing an Earth Rangers commercial on TV:

Meet some of our Awesome Animal Protectors

Meet four Earth Rangers who have done amazing work to help protect animals. From fundraising for their Bring Back the Wild campaigns to completing Missions, their actions have

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