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It’s a #FrozenFundraising Extravaganza!

Thank you all for your AMAZING ideas, and inspiring others to brave the cold this winter! #FrozenFundraising

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How did you complete your #FrozenFundraising?

Ranger Liz here with a furry friend of ours! He likes winter (in fact he LOVES it) – especially the snow. I love snow too, but…

Welcome to Hub!

Hey, Earth Rangers! This September, we launched a big update for members on We introduced the Hub (your new home base) and a really cool levelling system. This

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Be a Water Hero!

Water! It’s everywhere, covering two-thirds of the planet; it even makes up around 60% of the human body. Water is important for all living things

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How Green Is Your Lawn?

Those blades of grass on your lawn are the colour green but they may not be so environmentally friendly. There are lots of different types of grass on

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Celebrate Canada Day the Eco-Friendly Way

What’s the best way to show your true patriot love this Canada Day? If you really want to keep our country clean and healthy, keep your

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Going Ape for Cellphones

Ever wondered what goes into making a cellphone? Well, the exact ingredients and their quantities are kept a closely guarded secret by cellphone companies, but we pretty much

A Cup of Jo with a Side of Shade

We know that sometimes your parents, guardians, and teachers have trouble waking up in the morning without a big cup of coffee.  But before you head off to

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Be a Phantom Power Detective!

Not many animals are more energy efficient than a snake. Some skilled serpents can go half a YEAR without food by dropping their energy use to

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Migration 101

It’s the first day of school and you’re scoping out your new classroom when you hear a chorus of honking overhead. It’s the familiar sound of Canadian Geese.