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Don't be a bully!

Don’t be a bully!

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  1. Dogcanplay says:

    Sorry, cat. D:


  2. uyanda says:

    Poor cat.


  3. Nikkij says:

    so sad I love animals so its heart breaking


    hv-603254 Reply:

    I love animals,my birthday is tomorrow.


  4. Nikkij says:

    hope it feels better


  5. Nikkij says:

    pray for the cat


  6. Nikkij says:

    who likes dogs


  7. Aspen2011 says:

    ya what he said


    Saharagrace Reply:

    I like dogs !


    Nikkij Reply:

    hey i’m a girl. the one that said who likes dogs.


  8. Saharagrace says:

    I like dogs


    naturelover27 Reply:

    OMG there is a human in the video who is not doing anything!!!!!!poor cat


    naturelover27 Reply:

    OMG there is a human in the video who is not doing anything!!!!!!poor cat:(


  9. Foxy16 says:

    Why is the dog doing that?


  10. Nikkij says:

    who’s thinking of getting pets or more pets? I am.


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