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Gray Foxes

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We’re taking action to protect the Gray Fox.

Join our team of animal-saving heroes and start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today!


Together we can help protect the Gray Fox by restoring its important habitat!
Together we can help protect the Gray Fox by restoring its important habitat!
You can help the adorable but threatened Gray Fox!
Start your Bring Back the Wild campaign today!

About this project

Project Dates: September 2017 – August 2018

Details: No bigger than the average housecat, and with an amazing ability to climb trees, the Gray Fox is one of the most unique members of the dog family – and sadly one of the rarest mammals in Canada. Habitat loss on its Pelee Island home is making it harder for the Gray Fox to find food and shelter, so we’re working with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to:

  • Improve habitat on 1,000 acres of land on Pelee Island, creating ideal habitat for gray foxes to hunt and make their dens
  • Remove invasive species (like garlic mustard and common reed) that are overtaking the native plants important to the gray fox’s diet

By making sure that Pelee Island remains a safe and healthy habitat for the Gray Fox, Earth Rangers just like you are helping Bring Back the Wild!

Check back here for project updates to learn more about how your donations are helping the Gray Fox!


  1. gagewillprotectanimals says:

    Its so sad they are going extinct, Im glad I am helping them


    Catsrcute Reply:

    yeah… Plus they’re so CUTE!!


  2. braydensavestheanimals says:

    I feel so bad


  3. DianaRS says:

    I’m helping the gray fox .


    kayleighb Reply:

    I love animal’s like the gray fox


    Galacticbenjih Reply:

    Me too


  4. kayleighb says:

    I love the gray fox .


    Galacticbenjih Reply:

    Me to I love them so much they’re so cute


  5. kayleighb says:

    They are so cute


  6. Mylawynne says:

    I love the gray fox. There so cute and i’m helping them.=❤️


  7. DopeDaniel says:

    I love all of the foxes


  8. Ariyam says:



  9. Meadowlola333 says:

    they are so cute and I am not only trying to help save them I am dong my project on them for school


    Powerup111 Reply:



  10. Powerup111 says:

    SAME as me
    i have 105 dollars for them


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