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How To Use Your Donation Page To Help Bring Back The Wild

To visit your Donation Page, you need to have an active Bring Back the Wild campaign and you’ll also need to be logged in.

Once you’re logged in, visit your Donation Page by clicking the “My Donation Page” button in the menu at the top of the screen.


Your Goal:
This shows how much you’re trying to raise for your campaign. Click this button if you’d like to change your goal.

Shows how much you’ve raised so far. Click it to see who has donated to your campaign.

Days Left:
Tells you how many days are left in your campaign (campaigns are 30 days, but can be extended).

Animal Video:
Click the “WATCH NOW” button to watch a short video about the animal you’re protecting.

Your Progress and Reward Level:
Shows the level you’ve reached so far. You can earn different rewards for each level you reach. You can click this to change your goal and to view your previous Bring Back the Wild campaigns.

How to Reach Your Goal:
Watch a video to learn how you can raise donations in order to reach your fundraising goal.

Make a Donation:
Grown-ups can click here to make a donation to your campaign.

Fundraising Toolkit:
Find fun ways to collect donations!

Ask For Donations:
You can send a pre-written email to ask family and friends for donations to support your campaign, or with the help of a grown-up, you can spread the word on Facebook or Twitter.

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