It’s Your Birthday so Celebrate it by Making a Difference!


What’s one thing that everyone has in common? It’s a birthday! You have a birthday, your friend’s little sister has a birthday, and even our Animal Ambassadors have birthdays – so why not make yours extra special?!

By hosting an Earth Rangers Birthday party, your child can take action by asking family and friends to donate to their party instead of bringing a gift. Through ECHOAGE, guests can RSVP and donate online, and once the party is over, you’ll receive half the funds in the mail from ECHOAGE and the rest will be donated to Earth Rangers. It’s that simple!

Plus, when you register, you’ll be able to purchase an Earth Rangers Birthday Kit to help you plan and host an amazing party – and you can use code GIVE10 to get you started with a $10 donation from ECHOAGE!



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