Time to party…Earth Rangers style!

You became an Earth Ranger so you could do your part to protect animals and their homes and by hosting a Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, you can do just that!

When you have a Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, you’re choosing to start a fundraising campaign to help protect animals instead of asking for birthday presents.

ER_Birthdays_LogoBut that’s not all!

When your parents register you for a party, you’ll also get access to awesome Earth Rangers Party Kits filled with everything you need for the best birthday ever!!! There’s face masks, colouring sheets, or upgrade to the premium kit for even more!  You can check out both the downloadable kit and the premium party kit on our birthday kit preview page.

partykitssplit3 copy


Even after the campaign is wrapped up and donations are submitted from your Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party, the fun continues! Based on the fundraising level you reach, you will be sent some cool rewards in the mail!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.51

This year, you can make a wish to Bring Back the Wild! If you’re ready to use your birthday to protect animals, grab a parent and get started below!

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  1. loveybee says:

    I might have a b-day like this


    kylelikeaboss Reply:

    me to


  2. DolphinEric says:

    Love the video


  3. cuteface says:

    this is cute


  4. cuteface says:

    I love it soo much I am going to wach it agan


  5. Starzlight says:

    Vidio was so so cute aww!


  6. lukes913 says:



  7. EarTHrANger006 says:



  8. Hayley24Elizabeth says:

    if i was allowed to have a party, i would do this theme


  9. Vivienne2008 says:

    Love it 😀


  10. Emilydamonkey says:

    I think I mite have a party like this. This would be so much fun


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