Re-set the ‘stat isn’t just for winter!


Winter isn’t the only time you can save energy by adjusting your thermostat. You can do it in the summer too! That’s because your air conditioner also uses energy.

Check out the new summer Mission Brief for the Re-set the ‘stat Mission! Not only will you be able to help fight climate change in the summer, you’ll also get tips for keeping cool when it’s hot inside!

Already completed the Mission in the winter? Do it again in the summer and you’ll be starting your summer off right!

Re-set the ‘stat this summer!

Since the Mission launched in November 2018, we’ve dropped the temperature 1,281 degrees C over the winter. Great job! Everyone deserves a BIG round of applause!

Let’s meet some Earth Rangers who have completed this Mission:

Earth Ranger Raina

Me and my furry pet rats Scabbars and snowball are keeping warm by snuggling and dressing warm. When I’m cold I put on a warm sweater and my slippers or crawl into bed with a lot of blankets. My rats keep warm by snuggling with each other and they have lots of blankets and hammocks in there cage or my favourite is to cuddle with them. We don’t need to turn up the heat in the house we are keeping our paws off!!

Earth Ranger Jasper

Jasper loves the “Paws Off” sticker and reminds us daily not to turn the thermostat past 20C. When we are away from home or at night, it is always set to 17C. Jasper liked this mission because he loves winter and hockey, so he doesn’t mind the cold!

Earth Ranger Riley

I did this mission because I wanted to burn less fossil fuel And save the animals and not pollute the air. I had fun snuggling up in a blanket with my dog.

Earth Ranger Puneet

I really enjoyed this mission. It makes me realize how easy it is to save energy.

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