Winter 2018 Battery Blitz Mission Contest Winners

LogoCongrats to the winners of the Winter 2018 Battery Blitz Mission Contest and a big thank-you to everyone who has completed this Mission!


With your help, over 464,874 batteries have been recycled since February, 2016!

Ranger Preston

Collected and recycled 1032 batteries
We chose this mission because of its impact on the environment and our curiosity. First we started by collecting batteries in our home and from family, and then we created battery collection bags and gave them out to 40 homes in our community. We blew our 80 batteries collected goal (2 batteries per household) out of the water! And the thought that what if every kid just reached out to 40 homes, the impact it could have on one city alone is a massive realization. We can have an impact no matter how small we are.


Ranger Aayat

Collected and recycled 126 batteries
This was my first mission and had lot of fun collecting batteries. Mum and dad helped too. Most of my toys needed new batteries too. We collected batteries from neighbors as well.



Ranger Emmitt

Collected and recycled 112 batteries
Once I heard about this mission I wanted to help. I gathered and tested the batteries in my home and I had my dad bring used batteries home from his work. Once I had all the batteries together my dad and I took them to the library to have them recycled.



Ranger Ika

Collected and recycled 58 batteries
I enjoyed collecting batteries from friends and family. I had fun patiently waiting for batteries to be ready to be recycled and then counting them all. My mother took me to the recycle site in our town. The man working there was very nice. We talked about why we were taking pictures with our batteries.


Ranger Sreevidya

Collected and recycled 22 batteries
I picked this mission because, at school, we learned about how harmful batteries are to the environment when not recycled. This mission was very fun to do, but the best part was taking the batteries to be recycled and helping the earth!



Ranger Ronan

Collected and recycled 247 batteries
We collected batteries from my mom and my dad, my gramma, great grandmas and great grandpas, and our neighbours, and lots of cousins on all sides of my family. We have been collecting for a long time and got nearly 250 batteries. We are still going to collect more so we can take them to the Home Depot as well.



Ranger Beth

Collected and recycled 30 batteries
We kept a lot of batteries that were used, and I thought that we could go to the waste disposal to dispose of them. I went to the waste disposal with my dad, and we saw lots of waste packed together. We gave the people our batteries, and then we left. I enjoyed knowing the fact that while I did this, I was helping many animals.


Ranger Carson

Collected and recycled 100 batteries
I did this with my big sister. She is also an Earth Ranger. We recycled two loads of batteries. So together we recycled 350 batteries. We participated in this mission because we want to protect the earth from chemicals and we don’t want them getting in the ground water. That’s bad for the environment.


Ranger Juliette

Collected and recycled 10 batteries
Every used battery that our family uses gets put in a bag and brought to the school twice a year for recycling. I’ve been recycling batteries for five years!



Ranger Nethumi

Collected and recycled 89 batteries
I’m Nethumi and I’m in grade 2. I help my mom to recycle a lot of things of which batteries are one of it. We checked the batteries and got some sealable bags from the library and recycled it. We had so many batteries as we collect them for some time and recycle it all together. I’m very happy to recycle as it makes me feel that I’m contributing as a good community member.



Ranger Malcolm

Collected and recycled 469 batteries
My name is Malcolm. I’m five years old and in SK. As part of my collection mission, I gave a speech to my class asking them to bring in donations of used batteries. I also got some donations from my mom’s work. It felt good to help the earth by making sure these batteries are recycled. I had sixty-hundred fun, and one day I hope to be an Ultimate Earth Ranger.



Ranger Filip

Collected and recycled 255 batteries
We had a lot of batteries at home. My family collected batteries long before the Earth Ranger Mission. I also asked my dad to bring the discarded batteries from his workplace. They use lots of batteries! We then put them on the floor and counted them. We put them in a plastic bag. My dad then took them to Best Buy for recycling.


Keep up the great work Earth Rangers and be sure to check out our other Missions for more fun!


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