Your Next Mission: Fantastic Crafts and When to Make Them


Hey Earth Ranger! Are you ready to get your craft on? We hope so because we’ve got some great crafts coming your way with this new Mission!

Your Mission: Make gifts and decorations out of natural and recycled materials that come from trees!

Forests give us so many great things and we think it’s time to show our appreciation by turning those things into something new! Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Halloween or any special event, you can always find a way to spruce things up with a little homemade craft magic! So grab your paper, juice cartons and cardboard, throw in a few sticks and leaves and get crafting!
To complete this Mission, you must:
– Make homemade crafts using materials found around your home or in nature.
– Give your crafts as gifts to your family and friends or use them to decorate your home. Don’t forget to take a picture!
– When you’re done, let us know how your Mission went and share your picture.


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