Your Next Mission: Re-set the ‘stat

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet today, and one of the ways you can help fight against it is by cutting back on the amount of energy you use at home!

Heating our homes is important for surviving Canadian winters, but many of us are keeping it warmer than it needs to be. Over 62% of the energy we use at home goes towards heating, which is more than all the energy we use for appliances and lighting combined!

Your Mission: Adjust your thermostat and help conserve energy at home!

Most Canadians use natural gas or electricity to heat our homes, both of which release greenhouse gases when they’re burned or generated (depending on the energy source). These greenhouse gases end up in our atmosphere and contribute to climate change. That’s why it’s so important to save energy, and a great way to start is by adjusting your thermostat!

To complete this Mission, you must:
– Turn your thermostat down for at least one week in the winter.
– Put the sticker that came with your Mission Brief beside your thermostat as a reminder to keep the temperature lower in the winter.
– Throw on your wackiest, craziest, fuzziest, or comfiest sweater and use the tips in the Mission Brief to keep warm (don’t forget to take a pic!).
– When you’re done, come back and let us know how your mission went!

Enter the Re-set the ‘stat Contest!

For a limited time, you can enter the Re-set the ‘stat contest! Submit a photo of you in your fun sweater doing something to keep warm along with a short write-up for your chance to win an ecobee4 smart thermostat and a one-of-a-kind Earth Rangers hoodie!

Accept the Re-set the ‘stat Mission to learn more!

The Re-set the ‘stat Contest is now closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!


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  1. MKBROS says:



  2. hara1742 says:

    -30c is go!!!


  3. PinkMoose says:

    We did this and continue to watch our thermostat.


  4. Highheel says:

    We did this a few times we almost changed but I wrote a note so we did not change it


  5. Lulu2008lulu says:

    this is cool i did this mission!!!


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