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Podcast Bonus Episodes S1

If six episodes of the Earth Rangers Podcast weren’t enough for you and you can’t wait to hear more, we’ve got some exciting news. Drum roll, please…The Season 1 bonus episodes have arrived! Check them out below!


We’re changing things up for this bonus episode! A few weeks ago, Emma and a few other Earth Rangers had the chance to be on an episode of the awesome podcast Circle Round. Check it out below! We know you’re going to love it!


Circle Round is an amazing kids’ podcast that tells thoughtfully-selected folktales from around the world are adapted for today’s families. Click here to hear more!


Boooooooo! Greetings Earth Rangers! We have a special treat for you! No, this isn’t a trick. It’s Halloween and welcome to the spoooookiest episode of the Earth Rangers Podcast yet!


Want to check out more spooky creatures? Check out the rest of our Top 10 Big Scary Animals!


If this episode had you going batty for the world’s only true flying mammal, check out these articles for more!
Dr. Browning’s batmen (and women) are on the case!
A day in the life: the Earth Rangers team joins Dr. Browning’s Bat Savers!
Parks Canada’s Bat Savers


Looking to learn more about how some animals ended up as the face of Halloween? We’ve got that info – and more!


Protecting animals is all the rage here at Earth Rangers and it certainly keeps us busy! We’ve recently launched two new animal projects for our Bring Back the Wild fundraising program. You can hear all about them in this week’s bonus episode:


Check out Steve’s amazing Piping Plover video:


Click here to learn more about the Piping Plover!


And we can’t forget about the Monarch Butterflies. Steve made a video for them too!


Click here to learn more about the Piping Plover!




CLICK HERE to listen to more great kids and family shows at BestRobotEver.com




  1. RachelleRufus says:

    Rachelle said did watch Birds withe Babybirds May Cornwall onto parkBirds

    True love


  2. clairesoph says:

    I love you Emma!


  3. Ollie1234 says:

    I love bats.


  4. FoxMatthew says:

    we planted some of milkweeds in our backyard, with some other flowers that attracts other pollinators.


  5. Doriansaurus says:

    In my area we have lots of Invasive dog-strangling vines that trick Monarch butterflies. I want to help clear the patches out


  6. rangerdude2 says:

    You guys should head over to the calgary zoo its AMAZING and there is a butterfly garden and recently added the komodo dragan and the pandahave fun rangers


  7. PurpleSeal says:

    My favourite animal impression is a unicorn!


  8. Komon says:

    The piping plovers are ssssooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Ti-Soleil says:



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