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Earth Rangers podcast

Hi, I’m Earth Ranger Emma!

I’m a wildlife biologist and roaming reporter for the Earth Rangers podcast, the brand-new show for everyone who loves to explore the mysteries of nature. Come with me as I explore the deep jungle, the frozen Arctic and splash around some wetlands, all in the name of science!


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  1. AveryZ says:

    Black Bears are sooooo cool


  2. AveryZ says:

    I Love polar Bears!


  3. seadawn says:



  4. snowfall0110 says:

    what plane is made out of air answer : airplane


  5. snowfall0110 says:

    what do you call a bear who is in charge of a barbcaue answer:grizzle


    K-wolf Reply:

    nice one


  6. LoveCARDI says:

    cheetas are soooooooooooooo cool shape shifteing babadedadoda yay i would whant to be a cowala bear


  7. Hill2010 says:

    where do mice park there boats : at the hickory dickory dock


  8. janoi08 says:

    cool information


  9. remiclai937 says:

    O M G


  10. 27earthranger says:

    These podcast are super cool! They give you a lot of information.


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