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Earth Rangers podcast

Hi, I’m Earth Ranger Emma!

I’m a wildlife biologist and roaming reporter for the Earth Rangers podcast, the brand-new show for everyone who loves to explore the mysteries of nature. Come with me as I explore the deep jungle, the frozen Arctic and splash around some wetlands, all in the name of science!


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  1. stellybelly123 says:

    i have been a earth ranger for 2 years


  2. Charliego says:

    Hi I loved the video and my favourite bird is pipling plover


  3. Euvinpro says:

    I love earth ranger video


  4. jo807ki says:

    i been a earth ranger for 3 moths yay i love this job


  5. uyanda says:

    Hi my new here.


  6. uyanda says:

    I love earth Rangers it’s so fun.


    Robot250 Reply:

    Ya it is


  7. Sajan2009 says:

    I love this job !


  8. Robot250 says:



  9. BronteB says:

    this is my first time being a earth ranger!!!


  10. Reven says:

    it is important


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