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  1. tripminnie says:

    i have a dog
    be nice everybody with anamals


    Moto65 Reply:

    I have a cat and I agree with you


    Garykent2018 Reply:

    I have a dog to and she is so cute and funny and small


    Doggos Reply:

    I have eight( my family breeds)


  2. Weidner says:

    Great to hear about polar bears!


  3. Reese1212 says:

    I love animals soooooooo much so this podcast is meant for me


  4. battista says:

    I love it


  5. Moto65 says:

    Go Emma!


  6. sillyili says:

    I love animals!

    go Emma!


  7. catluver4ever says:

    i have 2 cats


    Karey9 Reply:

    Can anyone imagine if we could have seen any of the instincts animals like the Dodo bird, the Tasmanian tiger, the Western black rhinoceros, and the Pyrenean ibex?


  8. selinaearth says:

    I have a dog


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