The Arctic Expedition: Saying Goodbye and Inspiring Change!


Our Arctic expedition came to a close in Ottawa, Ontario with sad goodbyes and teary-eyed farewells. We had become a family and the Clipper Adventurer had become our home. Together we were explorers of the north, searching not for land, but for knowledge. By seeing, hearing, and doing, we all learned magnificent things about the Arctic. We can now share the things that we learned with people just like you, with the hopes of bringing the world a little closer to this not-so-distant part of our planet.

Joey at CBC
Joey at CBC

Throughout the expedition, I’ve been fortunate to be able to share the Arctic with you through a blog here at the Earth Rangers website. Since returning home, I’ve had opportunities to broaden my audience by working with the media. I’ve been interviewed on TV twice and radio once, with viewers and listeners from across the country. It has been a lot of fun to be on the other side of the screen in front of the camera. I really enjoy the opportunity to spread my message not only to people like you who are interested in environmental protection, but to people who may not be. I hope that what I said gave them a different perspective of the Arctic, and showed them just how important the Arctic is to the rest of the world.

Students on Ice participant community outreach Earth Rangers
Joey Speaking at the Earth Rangers' Centre

I also had the great honour of presenting about my experience to the wonderful people at Earth Rangers. I showed my favourite pictures from the expedition, and accompanied those with stories and insights. That day, I came a little early to tour the Earth Rangers Centre; wow, it is such a cool place! I saw all the ways it’s helping to reduce its impact on the environment. From geothermal temperature control for reduced energy consumption, to green roofs for wildlife habitats, the Earth Rangers Centre has done everything possible to make sure that it is using the greenest practices in the world. The most exciting part of the tour was meeting some of the animal ambassadors! We visited Cosmo the Ring-tailed Lemur while he was playing in a tree, and Sammy the Serval while he was enjoying the afternoon sun. They’re so much fun!

The message I want people to understand is that although we don’t see the consequences of our everyday actions, they are very real. I’ve been to the Arctic, and I’ve seen how the actions of the rest of the world are changing not only the environment, but the lifestyle of the people who live there. The only way we are going to be able to address the issues is if we as a society change our values. When we decide that the health of the environment is a top priority, then we can begin making steps in the right direction. Beyond seeing the issues, going to the Arctic has shown me hope. I’m optimistic about what young people like you are doing to help protect our environment, and if we work together, we will make a difference and change the world.

Together let’s protect our poles and protect the planet.


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