Meet some of our Awesome Animal Protectors


Meet four Earth Rangers who have done amazing work to help protect animals. From fundraising for their Bring Back the Wild campaigns to completing Missions, their actions have helped make this world a little safer for animals and they all deserve a big round of applause. Check out their stories below!


Bumble Bee Protector

Sophie has protected the Western Bumble Bee, the Eastern Wolf and the Blanding’s Turtle, raising $460 between all three campaigns. She also collected 574 dead batteries from her neighbours and brought them to a recycling depot as part of her Battery Blitz Mission.



Blanding’s Turtle Protector

To celebrate his 8th birthday, Joel decided to have an Earth Rangers birthday party and asked his friends to make a donation to his Blanding’s Turtle campaign instead of buying him presents. With support from his family and friends Joel raised $275! Check out Joel’s video about why its important to protect animals.


Beluga Whale Protector

When Rachel heard about Earth Rangers, she was inspired to take action to help animals. Her first campaign was to help the peregrine falcon and since then, she’s also protected the pine marten, the polar bear and the beluga whale. Learn more about Rachel and find out about the time she met the Prime Minister!



Eastern Wolf Protector

Devin started a Bring Back the Wild campaign for the Eastern Wolf to help protect them from harmful human activities, raising an amazing $325! He also completed the Pollinator Power Mission where he planted a garden to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators get enough food to eat.


You can meet more amazing animal protectors by checking out the Wall of Fame!

Are you proud of something you did to protect animals? Let us know and you could be added to the Wall of Fame!

Just ask your parents or guardians fill out this form and email it to along with a picture of you and a short summary of what you did.



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