Ranger Isabella’s Art Market

Meet Isabella! She wrote to us about her awesomely creative fundraising experience to help protect the Peregrine Falcons after seeing an Earth Rangers commercial on TV:


My name is Isabella and I’m six years old. When school was over for the year, I wanted to find a summer hobby and saw a commercial about Earth Rangers and decided that’s what I wanted to do. I checked out the website, joined Earth Rangers, and picked out the Peregrine Falcon to support.

peregrine_picture2After watching videos, getting fundraising tips and talking to people in my family, we came up with a great idea! We combined a garage sale, with a bake sale, a jewellery sale and a kid’s art sale – making our own market. We even had three different candy jar guessing games for people to donate towards. Everyone helped me a lot. People donated items for the garage sale, helped me make jewellery, and baked goodies for the bake sale. I spent all summer painting pictures, making bead bracelets and necklaces and baking.

On the day of our sale we woke up really early and set everything all up and down my grandparents drive way. I greeted every customer all day and showed them the different areas that were set up. We even had a surprise special guest when Batman showed up!

He even bought some cookies and one of my paintings!!!

I’m proud of all the hard work I did, and thankful that all my family and friends helped me. The day was a big success and I’m so excited to have raised almost $600 and reached my Earth Rangers goal.

We were super excited to hear about Ranger Isabella’s cool fundraising Market idea – thank you Isabella for all of your hard work! Ranger Isabella’s donation helped Earth Rangers, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, and FLAP Canada team up to study Peregrine Falcon breeding patterns and keep them safe by promoting bird-friendly building designs!

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