The Woodland Caribou Needs Your Help!


Hey Earth Rangers, winter is almost here and do you know what that means? It’s time to Save the Real Reindeer!

woodland caribou

Woodland Caribou are in Trouble

The reindeer that live in Ontario are called Woodland caribou and they really need your help. Right now, there are only about 5000 of them left in the province and that number keeps shrinking! These caribou are threatened with extinction mostly due to the loss of their habitat, the boreal forest.

boreal forest, canada
The Canadian Boreal Forest

Did you know that the boreal forest covers about 58% of Canada, making it the country’s largest ecosystem? This means the forest is home to tons of plants and animals, like the over 3 billion birds that rely on this forest every year. Unfortunately, like many forests, it is threatened because of logging and development. The boreal forest spans Canada from coast to coast but it is being split up by roads and construction. When the forest is divided, it has a serious affect on the Woodland caribou’s ability to survive.

woodland caribou

These Woodland caribou are migratory, which means they are always on the move. They will stop to eat at one spot, but it won’t be long before they decide to move on to another. During a year, a herd of Woodland caribou can cover A LOT of distance. Since they travel so much, these caribou need huge areas of land with lots of connected forests. Could you imagine Woodland caribou having to cross a busy road because a town was built in the middle of their migration route? Didn’t think so! In fact, if these caribou continue to lose their homes at the current rate, some scientists believe that they could completely disappear from the province of Ontario by the end of this century.

caribou migrating
Photo Credit: Harley McMahon

Here’s how you can help!

It’s time to take action! There is a very special area of the boreal forest in Northwestern Ontario that is still intact, called the Caribou Forest. By becoming an Earth Ranger and starting a Bring Back the Wild campaign to protect the Woodland caribou you will be raising donations for important research in the Caribou Forest. Donations to your campaign will help scientists gather evidence to show how badly the caribou depend on this area for their survival. This evidence will be used to support the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which is in place to protect the boreal forest from development. With your help, Earth Rangers and other supporters of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement can ensure that the Woodland caribou has a safe place to call home in Ontario.

caribou forest

So what are you waiting for? Become an Earth Ranger, and start your Bring Back the Wild campaign for the Woodland caribou today. Let’s help Save the Real Reindeer!

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