It’s a Baby Lemur!

Ring-tailed lemurs have their first babies when they are approximately two to three years old. They usually give birth to one baby but sometimes they will have twins (just like humans).

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Life of a little lemur

When a Ring-tailed lemur is first born they can open their eyes and cling, allowing them to hold tight to their mom. Infants are pretty much the same colour as adults except they are more brownish, they have a large head, small arms and are around 10cm long. Within the first few days the little lemur is able to move around on the mom’s body. By around two weeks the baby will move onto its mother’s back where it will be carried. Lemurs sure do grow up fast, by between three to six weeks they start to climb and eat solid foods. Finally by four to six months the baby will stop nursing.

baby lemur, baby mom

Lemur family

Ring-tailed lemurs live together in groups that are called troops; these communities have approximately 3 to 27 members and are ruled by the females, who take care of the young. As baby lemurs grow up the females will stay in the troop that they were born into while the males migrate to other groups.

baby lemur, lemur parents

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