It’s Earth Day!

Did you leave the car at home today and walk to school instead? What about packing a litterless lunch and a reusable water bottle? These may be things you do everyday but today is Earth Day so put a little extra eco spring in your step.

Here are some Earth Day stories to help inspire you:

Check out the Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Follow Jovanna’s Top Ten Ways YOU Can Save the Environment

Be inspired by some awesome Super Rangers

Sharpen your Eco-hero skills with some Earth Day Trivia

Sign up to protect an animal and its habitat with a Bring Back the Wild campaign

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.

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  1. buns101 says:

    earth day should be every day!!!


  2. EmmaPanthera says:

    Happy Earth day! I love earth day!


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