It’s Earth Day!

Did you leave the car at home today and walk to school instead? What about packing a litterless lunch and a reusable water bottle? These may be things you do everyday but today is Earth Day so put a little extra eco spring in your step.

Here are some Earth Day stories to help inspire you:

Check out the Top Ten Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Follow Jovanna’s Top Ten Ways YOU Can Save the Environment

Be inspired by some awesome Super Rangers

Sharpen your Eco-hero skills with some Earth Day Trivia

Sign up to protect an animal and its habitat with a Bring Back the Wild campaign

Earth Rangers is a non-profit organization that works to inspire and educate children about the environment. At kids can play games, discover amazing facts, meet animal ambassadors and fundraise to protect biodiversity.

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  1. Froggypog says:

    I walked from school and made another page to protect the Wood Thrush, but when my mom and I went to the store we FORGOT OUR REUSABLE SHOPPING BAGS! NOOOOOO! And even worse-when we got back to the car I saw that the bags were right beside where my mom’s seat was! I was so annoyed!


    ER_Bubbles Reply:

    Sounds like you had a great Earth Day even though you forgot your bags. At least you had the right intentions 🙂


  2. Jovanna says:

    Happy Earth Day everyone!
    Hope you’ll all take the time today to remember what a beautiful Earth we have, and maybe doing something to help it. (Pick up trash, raise money for Earth Rangers ect.)
    Again, happy Earth Day!


    ER_Bubbles Reply:

    Happy Earth Day Jovanna!


  3. Froggypog says:

    Happy day after Earth Day everybody!


  4. kittycat8 says:

    Earth day is my favorite day of the year! 🙂


  5. Ranger56188795 says:

    Earth day is awesome. We do what we can and thats what matters. Evan this website is a start. Helping animals. Part of the earth! You should make an interessing song for earth rangers and put in on itunes. THAT will get ALOT of people to join and save the earth!!


  6. Ranger56188795 says:

    i LOVE earth day. Just a comment,we should make a song for this site. THAT will make amore followers. About earth day,we do what we can! Thats all that matters!! If only we could make a BIGGER diffence……….
    Cloey 0:)


  7. MayaK says:

    what should I do i’m a homeschooler so I don’t walk to school because i’m there already and I don’t pack a lunch because foods already there and I don’t need a water bottle because there are cups there! P.S. the cups are reusable not styrafome.


  8. animalgirllover says:



  9. Castle says:



  10. Northernwolfgirl says:

    That’s a lot of kids


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