Top 10 ways to keep warm while you save energy

Turning down the temperature during the winter may sound crazy, but it’s not if you love animals! That’s because heating our homes uses lots of energy, which contributes to climate change. To make matters worse, many of us are keeping it warmer than it needs to be, using even more energy. That’s why we’re challenging you to accept the Re-set the ‘stat Mission and lower your thermostat this winter and help save energy.

Now, we know this new temperature is going to take some getting used to but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Check out these top ten ways to keep warm while you save energy!

1. Cozy up under a blanket.

2. Put on some comfy socks or slippers.

3. Throw on your wackiest, craziest, fuzziest or comfiest sweater!

4. Take a warm bath.

5. Have a cup of hot cocoa, apple cider, tea or another warm drink.

6. Have some hot soup.

7. Put on your coolest hat.

8. Do some jumping jacks and get your blood moving.

9. Snuggle up with a pet or loved one.

10. Have a dance party with your friends.


Can you think of some other ways to stay warm while you save energy? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. josiecat says:

    #9 puppy was so cute he/she looks like my dog


  2. Tr1n1ty says:

    You can stay active to keep your blood flowing and your body temp up.


  3. KikiBeans says:

    Go on a couch with friends and blankets and wahct a movie.


  4. CrazyFrankAnthony says:

    You could do a bonfire


  5. wolfpaw2 says:

    when you go to bed go in your blankets hide in them like a den it works for me


  6. sozozoe says:

    You can sit on the couch near the fireplace to keep warm


  7. simonec says:

    you can be with your parents on the couch in blankets


    LilyFJ Reply:

    I love it! i did it and it works, we played a little game while cuddling!



    the dogs are so cute and great ideas


  9. eagleheart says:

    my dog loved it


  10. Cougertc says:

    like dogs


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