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Wall of Fame
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  1. EsmeSian says:

    My mom says she is going to send you a picter of me selling lemonade and crafts at the farmers market so i can save the gray foxes


    Sareena Reply:

    i’m saving gray foxes too


    rangerdude2 Reply:

    I like snowshoe rabbits


    Illy24 Reply:

    me too

    ttff Reply:

    im one of snowshoe hairs

    Dominice Reply:

    Snow shoe hares are awesome!

    LucaAg Reply:

    i am also saving gray foxes before i was saving them i was saving salamanders and raised 100$ and i just became a earth ranger level 6!


    Lizardlady Reply:

    did you do it at the farmers market if you did then i had some it was good


  2. Charleezard says:

    I cant do any good for animals here.
    its a nice neighborhood though.


  3. Charleezard says:

    crafts eh?


  4. edenbedford says:



    TigerBelle Reply:

    good i hope you injoy your day


  5. Markttj says:

    I like helping animals


  6. Emilyisawsome says:

    I love helping and meeting other animals


  7. Puppy404 says:



  8. wave765 says:

    I want to save the birds


  9. wea says:

    I finished my campaign so I started to help save the monarch butterfly. and now I am a level 6 earth ranger!!!


  10. pandaabc2000 says:



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