What do I do to become a member?



All Earth Rangers take a special pledge that shows their commitment to protecting animals and their homes. Once you’ve taken the pledge, your first Mission is to help protect an animal by starting a Bring Back the Wild campaign.

  1. To start your Bring Back the Wild campaign, click “Protect Animals” in the Navigation menu, take the Earth Rangers Pledge, choose the animal you’d like to protect, pick your goal and create your avatar.
  3. Fill out your information and the info of a parent or guardian on the sign up form. Make sure the email address you’ve entered is correct.
    TIP: Don’t forget to write down your username and password! You’ll need this to login to your account.
  5. Before we can send you your membership card, your parent/guardian needs to activate your membership. Have them look for an email from Earth Rangers and click the “Activate Membership” button. This will take them to a form that they will need to fill out. Once they’ve submitted it, your membership is approved and you’ll get your card in the mail! This could take up to 8 weeks to deliver, but in the meantime you can download a temporary version by clicking the “Membership Card” button on your Profile.

    If it’s been more than 8 weeks since your parent has approved your membership registration, please contact us.