How much of the actual donations go to the protection of the animals and how much goes to administration? Is there a breakdown that is available to the public?


We are happy to share how the funds raised through our Bring Back the Wild program are used.

To provide some background about Bring Back the Wild, this program is not only an online fundraising initiative for endangered animals, but also an in-school program that teaches students about the importance of protecting animals and preserving the environment.

  • We are proud to say that $0 from funds raised through the Bring Back the Wild program go to overhead, administration or marketing.
  • 50% of the funds raised support research and the protection and stewardship of animal habitats in Canada.
  • 50% supports our education program (animal care, training and education programming) enabling us to bring our program, including live animal presentations and curriculum resources, to schools across the country free of charge.

Click here to view our most recent CRA return and more detailed information, which includes our overall financial position (Balance Sheet and Income Statement).