As an Earth Ranger, you can join thousands of other kids and take action to help protect endangered animals and their homes. Your first mission is to choose an animal you want to protect and begin your Bring Back the Wild campaign. With your parent's permission, we'll mail you a membership card with YOUR name on it! How cool is that?
Your membership card is a symbol to show your passion and commitment to help animals and the planet. As an official Earth Ranger, you'll also get updates by mail and email on your Bring Back the Wild project and have the opportunity to participate in animal saving missions right at home.
To get started, kickoff your first mission by choosing the animal you want to protect. Once you're signed up, an email will be sent to your parent for approval. We'll ship your membership card as soon as your parent has given approval.
Shipping takes 4-8 weeks to arrive in the mail.
No problem - you're already half way there! Just login and start a new mission to protect an animal. After you've created your online campaign, click on the "Become an Earth Ranger" icon to send a request for official membership. An emaill will be sent to your parent for approval.

Once your parents approves the request, we'll ship your membership card in the mail to you.
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our Membership Program.
Earth Rangers is a registered Canadian charity (#892200528RR0001) whose mission is to educate kids about the importance of biodiversity and empower them to protect animals and their habitat.