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Current Projects

Grizzly Bear

British Columbia’s Rocky Mountain Trench is home to some of Canada’s most famous, and endangered, animals. Adopt a grizzly bear to support a team of scientists and researchers from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, including Land Stewardship Manager Julia Poetschke. They’re all working hard to restore this important ecosystem.

Common Loon

International Bird Rescue cares for loons that are injured, oiled, sick, or suffering from starvation. Their size and their strong legs make them tricky to keep still during treatments – in fact, these big birds need two handlers at all times! With your help, International Bird Rescue can continue to rescue and treat sick and oiled loons, releasing them back into the wild to live a happy life for years to come!

Harbor Seal

At The Marine Mammal Center, orphaned seal pups are treated in isolated units where they’re protected from stress. They’re fed healthy meals (like milk formula and fish smoothies – yum!) until they move on to eating whole fish. Once they’re back to full health and have learned to hunt and dive on their own, they’re released back into the wild to live a happy life for years to come!


Osa Conservation

Osa Conservation is an incredible team of scientists and conservationists, dedicated to protecting Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula! This diverse rainforest ecosystem is threatened by hunting and human activity. Adopt a jaguar to help safeguard the habitat of these apex predators.