The Comedy Wildlife Awards


The Comedy Wildlife Awards recognizes great photography that has captured a wild animal doing something LOL-worthy!! This organization also works to raise awareness of the importance of conservation, just like Earth Rangers!
They are accepting submissions until the end of June, but luckily for us, they’ve released some of the entries early! Let’s take a look at some of the shortlisted silliness:

Photo 1: “Sure, you have cool antlers, but can you do this?”
Photo 2: “Whoooo is that strange new neighbour next door?”
Photo 3: “Hehehehehe!!! These fish are tickling my butt!!!”
Photo 4: “Paint me like one of your French seals, Jack.”
Photo 5: “Last spring my hibernation belly was this big!”
Photo 6: “Sheesh, you’re really talking my ear off, Judy.”
Photo 7: “Woo hooo! We just got our braces off!!”

Can you think of other funny captions? Share in the comments below!

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