Are you celebrating a birthday in April (AKA Earth Month)? Plan the best party ever with Earth Rangers!

When you plan your birthday party with Earth Rangers and ECHOage, you can get the big gift you really want, AND raise funds to protect an awesome animal. As a thank you, we’ll send you a FREE plush adoption kit*!


1. Pick an Earth Rangers Wildlife Adoption Project that you want to support this Earth Month. Click here to see a list current projects.

2. Register your party through ECHOage this April and send custom invites to all your friends. Tell your pals you’re raising money to save animals and they can donate to your birthday fundraiser. Enter the promo code EARTHRANGERS10 and ECHOage will donate $10 to help get your party started!

3. Half the money goes to Earth Rangers to support your animal, and the other half goes to you to buy a gift you really want!

With a parent or guardian, visit the ECHOage website to get your party started! Once you’ve registered your party, an Earth Rangers representative will contact you to confirm which Wildlife Adoption Project you’re supporting.

*You must receive donations through the Echoage platform to qualify for the Free Plush Adoption Kit.