Wrapping up Waste Reduction Week with a BRAND NEW Earth Rangers Mission!


Attention Earth Rangers: it’s time to Stash the Trash!

Besides being ugly to look at, litter can cause big problems when it ends up in the homes of the animals we love. Plastic bags, cigarette butts, and other discarded debris can hitch a ride in the wind or end up in a body of water that sends it far far away from where it was dropped, affecting animals near all over. That’s why cleaning even a small greenspace near you can help make a BIG difference for animals everywhere.

Before you grab your cleanup crew, head over to the Earth Rangers App and accept our newest Mission: Stash the Trash! It’s filled with tips to help you plan a safe and successful cleanup to green-up your neighbourhood. Maybe you’ll turn your daily dog walks into trash pickups, or go all out and plan a day when your whole ‘hood can participate. The choice is yours, Earth Ranger!

But just like animals moving from one space to another, litter travels too. That’s why, whether you live near the Ontario Greenbelt or another one of nature’s amazing greenspaces, we need to do our part to keep even the smallest space clean and litter-free!

Once you’ve completed your litter cleanup, give your cleanup crew a round of applause! You’re helping animals everywhere. But an Earth Rangers job is never done: now it’s time to RAWR!

Animals like rabbits, skunks, and bears have an amazing sense of smell. They can detect food from far away which can help them survive in the wild, but it can also get them into big trouble when they come into contact with things that can hurt them or make them sick, including our household waste. That’s why it’s so important we make our garbage and recycling wildlife-safe, and we’ve got tons of tips to help you do just that when you accept the RAWR Mission! 

Once you’ve animal-proofed your household waste and recycling, make sure you know what is and is not recyclable where you live – if too many non-recyclable things end up in your recycling, it might get sent to the dump instead!

We probably don’t need to tell you that recycling is super important. Canadians waste a lot at home – about 282 kg per person every year! The good news is that we’re getting better and better at recycling. In Manitoba for example, 95% of the population has access to a recycling program, and it really works! In 2018 alone the province of Manitoba recovered over 80% of packaging and printed paper, which was recycled into other new and useful materials. Pretty incredible if you ask us! Learn more about recycling and follow the journey of a soupcan as it becomes something new here!

Accept the Stash the Trash and RAWR Missions in the Earth Rangers App today!


  1. I had so much fun with my friends!luckily we only filled up 2 garbage bags our naborhood is actually pretty clean!

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