Eco-Activity #181: Build a Badger Den!


American badgers are famous for their epic underground tunnels and dens. These things are HUGE, and are where badgers sleep and spend a lot of their time. It’s time to channel your inner badgers because for this Eco-Activity, we’re building a badger den!


1. Set up the walls of your den. They can be made out of couch cushions, chairs, or even just a table that you can sit under.

2. Hang the blankets over the walls. If your blankets are too small, you can use clothespins to keep them together.

3. Grab some comfy blankets and pillows and set up the inside of your den. Make sure it’s super cozy!

4. Your den is ready! Head inside and hangout: read a badger blog postwatch a badger video, or take a nap to get the full badger experience.

Badgers might be built for digging, but it can be really hard for them to get through areas with lots of rock or thick roots. That’s why they are usually found in grasslands, including Kootenay River Ranch in BC.

When you purchase an American badger adoption kit, a portion of the sale will go towards helping the NCC as they work to restore this prime badger habitat.