Become a locavore with our newest Mission!


Did you know that the average meal travels a whopping 1,200 km to get from the farm to your plate?! This long distance travel means food can have a high carbon footprint, which is why we’re challenging you to #LiveLoveLocal by choosing foods grown close to home!

When it comes to food, there are lots of factors that contribute to your meal’s carbon footprint, and the energy used and emissions released when food travels from the farm to your fork is a big factor. Take an apple, for example: first it’s picked and processed, then it begins its journey!

It’s easy to see that our far away apple has a much more complicated journey than the one that comes from close to home! Every extra step requires extra energy, which is why some far away foods can have a higher carbon footprint than local ones.

Learn more about how you can shrink your carbon footprint by accepting the Live Love Local Mission in the Earth Rangers App today!