Earth Ranger Nicolas and His Amazing Valentine’s Day Cards


Earth Ranger Nicolas is a recycling and conservation hero. He recycles paper and aluminum cans and he encourages others to do the same. He has been called the “Electricity Police” at home because he goes around the house turning lights off when the lights are not needed. He also collects and recycles used batteries and to date has kept 100 batteries out of landfills by disposing of them at a proper recycling depot.

Nicolas super ranger- small

He learned about Earth Rangers on TV and went to the website to find out more. Already interested in protecting the environment, he signed up to become a member and started a Bring Back the Wild campaign to help protect the swift fox.

To raise funds for his campaign Nicolas decided to make and sell Valentine’s Day cards. He has raised $140 and even sold cards in exchange for used batteries. He even conducted research on what other kinds of cards would be popular after Valentine’s Day. He polled his friends and family and discovered that birthday cards will be the most popular choice for selling next.

Nicolas knows that we need to teach other kids about protecting wildlife. He thinks other kids need to know that animals should not be dying because we don’t protect them.

Amazing work Nicolas! We think Valentine’s Day cards are a super idea and we agree that when kids get involved, they can make a real difference for the future of animals.

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