Super Ranger Zoey’s Biggest Battery Blitz to Date!


Looking back at this year’s Battery Blitz Mission, many Earth Rangers Members did an amazing job. One in particular, Super Ranger Zoey, went above & beyond!zoey1

Zoey, age 9, collected more than 1600 batteries, nearly double the amount (850) from her last Battery Blitz Mission.

This Super Ranger didn’t just stop there!

Zoey has earned her spot on the Wall of Fame after completing other missions like the Pollinator Power, Shoreline Saver, and the Spring Green-Up Challenge. With the help of her brother, Zoey spent several days collecting garbage from her neighbourhood and a local beach.

Zoey’s a true Animal-Saving Hero and encourages others to protect animals and as Zoey would say – “Once an animal is gone, it’s gone forever. It’s important to keep the environment clean from garbage and chemicals because it hurts everyone and everything.”

Super Ranger Zoey started her environmental work when she heard about Earth Rangers from friends at school. She started her amazing work with a Bring Back the Wild campaign to save the Swift Fox raising over $50.

Thank you Super Ranger Zoey for all your hard work. Keep up the awesome job!