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Recycle batteries and you could WIN!

Complete the Battery Blitz Mission and you could win 1 of 12 awesome prize packs!

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Do more than just “Fall Back” this Sunday!

Many Canadians will be setting their clocks back an hour this Sunday as daylight saving time comes to an end for another year. This means your weekend just

Happy Halloween!

Do you need something to get you in the Halloween spirit? Check out these terrifying posts: What's Really Scary About Bats

Halloween Animals

As Halloween quickly approaches, come with us as we investigate the spookiest mystery of all: why some animals, like bats, toads, wolves, owls and spiders, remind us of

Podcast Bonus Episode: Halloween Animals

Boooooooo! Greetings Earth Rangers! We have a special treat for you! No, this isn't a trick. It's Halloween and welcome to the spoooookiest episode of the Earth Rangers

Meet a real-life water monster!

Dragons, gremlins, Bigfoot, trolls and… Mexican salamanders? These monsters have a lot more in common than you might think! Let’s take a closer look at the axolotl, an

The Power of Poop

Our next stop on the renewable energy tour starts with a quiz: what type of energy can you get from wood, crops and… poop? Got your guess? The

Podcast Bonus Episode: Bring Back the Wild

The Earth Rangers Podcast is back with a special bonus episode and this time, things get wild - Bring Back the Wild, that is! Catch up with Emma

Check out these super cool animal x-rays!

Halloween is just around the corner and what's more Halloweenie than skeletons? Check out these animal x-rays courtesy of the Oregon Zoo and let us know which one

Hearing from you: Scavenger Hunt Showdown

Have you accepted the Scavenger Hunt Showdown Mission yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Team up with a friend or family member and see if you