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Earth Month is back!

It’s Earth Month – you know what that means! Join Earth Rangers as we work on a super special conservation project to help protect some of Canada’s cutest critters.

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Your Next Mission: More Plastic, More Problems

Hey Earth Rangers! Your new Mission is here and this time we're tackling a subject that's got everyone talking: single-use plastics! Keep reading to find out more.

Recycle batteries and you could WIN!

Did you know that properly recycling your batteries can help protect animals? Batteries that go out with the trash end up in landfills adding to solid waste that

Let’s Help Clean up Our Oceans – Using STEM!

Calling all STEMologists! We have a big problem and we're going to need some very smart people to fix it. That problem is plastic in the ocean. On land,

Podcast: Mysterious African Animals and a Surprisingly Chirpy Cheetah

Welcome to Season 2 of the Earth Rangers Podcast! Earth Ranger Emma is back and she’s ready to take you on some wild adventures! In today's episode, we

Re-set the ‘stat Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the Re-set the 'stat Contest! You guys did an awesome job lowering your thermostat to help slow down climate change. Since the Mission

Get charged up about Battery Recycling Day!

February 18th is Battery Recycling Day! You might be thinking, “Wait…why is there’s a day to celebrate batteries?” Because they deserve one, that’s why! Batteries give power to so

Animal Hugs for Valentines!

Have you ever seen an elephant trunk twist? How about a panda pile? No? Well check out this Top Ten video to see how all

Have you seen what’s new at the Earth Rangers Shop?

We might only be one month into 2019, but boy have we been busy here at Earth Rangers Headquarters. We rang in the new year with a new

Snowshoe Hare Project Update: That’s a wrap!

Hello Earth Rangers! I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since we were first introduced. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! I’ve got my winter