Rainbow I-Spy

Rainbow I-Spy

Time:45 min Difficulty:Medium  

I spy with my little eye something colourful! Come quick! Grab your friend and try guessing an object in this game of Rainbow I-Spy!

About the game:

Objective: Try to spot the object of the same colour that the “spy” player has called out!
Players: 2 or more players

Here’s what you need:

  • Your favourite outdoor space
  • Friends or family to join you

Here’s how you play it:

Step 1:

Make your way to your favourite outdoor space. It could be your local park, a walking trail, a beach, or even your backyard!

Step 2:

Start by selecting one player to be the spy.

The spy picks an object they see that matches one of the colours on the colour chart. You can screenshot this to your phone, or make your own with paint/pencils/markers on a piece of paper.

Step 3:

Now that the spy has an object picked out, it’s time to call out the specific colour!

The other player can start guessing what that object is. If there’s several players, you can take turns. Once the object has been found, the players can swap places so that there’s a new spy to pick an object/colour. The other player can start guessing what that object is.


If finding the object is too hard, the spy can help you guess by telling them if their guess is “hot” or “cold”.  Hot means you are close to finding the object. Cold means you’re further away.

What colour did you pick when you were the spy? How long did it take each of you to find the object?
Let us know in the comments!