Grizzly Bear Toast


Do you feel a rumbly in your tumbly? Breakfast, lunch, or snack, we’ve got your family covered! Even the littlest cubs at home can help make this with their bear hands! For today’s Eco-Activity, we’re making Grizzly Bear Toast! 

Here’s how you make it:

• Peel and slice up the banana.
• Put a slice of bread into the toaster.
• When your bread is done toasting, slather it with the sandwich spread of your choice.
• Take two banana slices to make the bear’s ears.
• Take one banana slice to make the bear’s snout.
• Take two blueberries to make the bear’s eyes.
• Take one blueberry and place it on top of the snout to make the bear’s cute little nose.
• Enjoy!

We want to see your Grizzly Bear Toast! Share it with us on social media or send a photo to!