Top Ten Ways Animal Friends Help Each Other Out


Sometimes it can be tough to show your friends just how amazing they really are. To help give you some great ideas we’re counting down the top ten ways animals express their appreciation for their friends.

1) Keeping an eye out for them

 Photo credit: Flickr user Raja Sambasivan
Photo credit: Flickr user Raja Sambasivan

2) Throwing them a dance party


3) Giving a hug on a cold night

hugging penguins

4) Telling them if they taste funny

frog licking a frog

5) Being a body guard while they sleep

rhino rabbit friends
Photo credit: Flickr user Doramon

6) Giving free dental check ups


7) Laughing at their jokes

dolphins laughing

8) Giving a piggyback ride when their legs get tired


9) Giving a chest bump after catching a ride on a wave

emperor penguin friends

10) Staying up late with them when they can’t sleep

ring-tailed lemurs