Earth Rangers tackle food waste one small habit at a time

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Thousands of kids worked together to divert a whopping 19-thousand plates of food from going to waste thanks to the All Taste, No Waste Challenge! Over 9,000 Earth Rangers participated in this climate-friendly Challenge by logging their habits in the app daily. The results were a testament to the power of collaboration! To prevent food waste, kids froze more than 11-thousand food items before they spoiled. When it came to composting, Earth Rangers nailed it. They diverted food scraps from landfills by composting close to 12-thousand times!

As a reward for the extraordinary team effort, Earth Rangers unlocked a leftover focused cookbook developed in partnership with Maple Leaf Foods’ Chef Sam Lazuric. It’s packed with ideas on how to use everything from veggie peels to leftover protein to ripe fruit! The recipes are super easy and loads of fun to experiment with as a family.

In Canada last year, over 2.2 million tonnes of food was thrown away. That’s the weight of 1,000 elephants’ worth of food every day! Food waste is bad for the planet and produces greenhouse gases when it ends up in landfills. In this Challenge, kids learned about the issue of food waste, and eight practical habits do to help reduce its impact on the planet.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work by kids during the All Taste, No Waste Challenge, it’s easy to see how small actions translate into big wins when we work together.

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